BORDA is the UK's only professional Association dedicated to Off Road Driving at Authorised Venues throughout the UK

CP 99100 Vehicle Mounted Winches

BORDA's standard for training winch operators

The objective is to equip drivers / riders with the very latest skills and knowledge to operate a vehicle mounted winch in off highway situations for work and private use.

• Is the Associations minimum recommended standard for the basic operation of a Vehicle Mounted Winch and may require further training for specific conditions, machines and equipment.
• Requires continuous close supervision from a BORDA Specialist Trainer (winching)
• Assumes appropriate driver competence for vehicle and conditions, BORDA Standard level course recommended as pre-requisite for winch training.
• Recommended Training Ratios
• Minimum 2:1 ratio
• Maximum 6:1 ratio
• Course Duration Between half & one day depending on training ratios
• The most commonly used winches are operated electrically from the vehicle's battery supply, however there are shaft and hydraulically driven winches, all of which have different load ratings.
• Although BORDA recognises and makes reference to Capstan winches this CoP gives general advice for Drum type winches with integral ropes and recommends that specialist advice and instruction is obtained for Capstan winching.
• The Trainer is responsible for identifying the winch type & load rating and checking that it is fitted safely with appropriate remote cut-outs.
• The Trainer is responsible for identifying the maximum ratings of all equipment used and operating within the design limits.
• All equipment must be in a safe maintained condition as recommended by the manufacturer.
• The Trainer is responsible for ensuring the equipment is in a safe maintained condition before use.
• All load calculations in CP99100 are approximate and for guidance purposes only.